20 for 20

While on sabbatical I began writing a book with my wife about how “God with us” is the MAIN thing, how everything—how we read the Bile and how we live our lives—needs to flow in and out of God coming to dwell with us.

But during this writing process and sabbatical I’ve come to realize two things: 

  1. I really enjoy writing (for all sorts of reasons)
  2. I don’t really know what I’m doing when I write

The second needs more explanation.

Basically, I know how to write academically. I’ve been fairly successful at that. But frankly, that stuff is boring (well, not for me, I love it and love to do it, but it’s boring for most people).

The problem is I don’t really know how to write in a non-academic way.

What I mean is that I don’t really—like really, really—know my own “writing voice”.  While writing with Cyd this summer I would go in and out of my “academic voice” and then my “classroom” voice and then my “more casual church teaching-preaching voice.” And all of those are fine, but as I embrace a vocation as a “writer” I need to fine my voice.

And I can only do that more writing, and writing, and writing.

So to that end I’m pledging to write every weekday for 20 minutes (or up to 200) words for 20 days.  Hence my “20 for 20” title.

I would love have you all stick around and give me feedback about how it goes and what you observe and find interesting. Of course I’ll be posting everything on Facebook and Twitter, but if you think you might miss those, please subscribe to the blog on the right sidebar under “Don’t Ever Miss A Post.”

Usually I write about theology, and the Bible, and politics, and stuff like that. But over the next month I’m going to give myself permission to writing about whatever—even if it is just how annoying our cats can be sometimes. I hope that is OK.

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  1. This is inspiring and encouraging Geoff. I am going to go back in the series, catch up, and then track you. Bravo on the brave step and the intelligence of the plan. I may join you in this for parallel but also additional reasons.

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