Be More Interesting, Get Angry

If I were angry then I would be interesting.
And if I were outraged I’d have something to say.
And if I have a complaint, well, then I would complain.

Then I would be interesting too.
I’d have opinions, information, enemies, and allies.

Because anger propels opinions and information.
Anger generates enemies and allies.

And all of this is so interesting!

Anger is bold, original, and inspiring.  It isn’t complacent, commonplace, or cooped up. Anger is free and unencumbered, standing against the status quo.

Anger challenges the system, sticking it to the man, daring to speak the truth—whatever truth that might be.

And all of this is quite entertaining—even if you disagree.

Especially if you disagree!

If you are repulsed by inane anger, if you’re above all that ignorant rage, then you too will be interesting.

Just point furiously point out every idiot around you, their faulty assumptions and their flawed logic.  Marshall your powerful insight to expose . Deploy your superior intellect to destroy the inferior imbeciles.

That’s how you find what to say, by focusing on what you are angry about.

So much to say.

Even when you have nothing original, constructive, or creative to say, you can angrily talk about what others are angrily talking about and—presto!—Now you are interesting, now you have a following, now you have an audience.

Why so angry?

Sure, you can ask this.

But, I say, “Why aren’t you more angry?”

There is so much to be angry about. The unacknowledged micro-aggression, the essential doctrine that’s been rejected, the slippery slope someone’s falling down, the privilege that’s been overlooked, or the slight that needs to be rectified.

Yes, especially the affronts that require a retaliation.  Those are the most interesting.

And interesting is what we’re after, right?

Otherwise we’d be so bored, with nothing to click on, nothing to skim through, nothing to be marginally informed about, informed enough to get angry about.

So, I’d be more interesting if I were angry. And then you would listen to me. And I would be someone.

If I could just be someone…

(This post it is part of my “20 for 20” post where I write for twenty minutes a day for twenty days.  So these are quick thoughts as I push out my ideas and practice writing.  See my explanation here.)

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