I Have Never Been Wrong

I’ve never been wrong. Being wrong suggests weakness, stupidity, or incompetence.  And to be weak, stupid, or incompetent would be devastating. So, thankfully, I’ve never been wrong.

It is not just that I need to be right. I AM right—and you are wrong. Sorry that you are wrong.  But that is just the way it is.

My rage at you is to be expected, and fully justified.

You claimed I was wrong after all.  How dare you place such a thing before me?  My inner world is perfectly at peace with being right—because I AM RIGHT— and you ruin it by pointing out an error in logic, a lapse in judgment, a faulty opinion.

Preposterous! I’m never wrong.

Pointing out my supposed errors in logic, judgment, or opinion make you doubly mistaken. First, you are wrong that I was wrong. Second, you are wrong about the causes of me being wrong.  How embarrassing for you! Really, no wonder you keep coming at me with this stuff.

And now I have to waste time defending that I was right AND the rightness of me being right. That is exhausting and my wrath is fully deserved.

Even if I was wrong—IF, that is—it would be too painful to admit it after being right for so long (and see how honest I’m being about how painful it would be—so wouldn’t I know if I was wrong).

Not painful for me, actually.

But painful for everyone else—all those people relying on me, trusting me, needing me to be right. Their faith would crumble and their confidence would shake.

And not just their faith and confidence in me, but in everything that WE stand for.  If I’m not right then how can they be right. If they aren’t right then who are we really?

So, I’m right because we are right, and we are right because our community, our church, our country might not survive if we aren’t right…if I’m not right.

We are not mistaken, weak, stupid, or incompetent.

But it is they who think we are wrong who are wrong.

Am I right?


(This post it is part of my “
20 for 20” post where I write for twenty minutes a day for twenty days.  So these are quick thoughts as I push out my ideas and practice writing.  See my explanation here.)

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