More Than Splitting the Difference: Intro

Ok, so this conversation is a long time coming, but the recent provocation centered around the idea of joining an evangelical heart with a mainline brain.  So I thought I would start to explore why it is so hard to push beyond this polarity and a “best of both worlds” approach, or a “let’s just split the difference” mentality.

Granted, I’m coming at this from a much more “evangelical” perspectives as on trying to get off the right-left continuum. But I think (or hope, believe) there are many from a more “mainline” perspective that similarly hope to jump the conservative-liberal polarity.  If that is you, please jump in and help round out the discussion, I know we would all benefit from it.

So, using Reeces Pieces and the Platypus to understand a prodigal Christianity, or the radical middle, let’s talk about “more than splitting the difference” between conservative and liberal mentalities.


Disclaimers: I realize that we all have multiple, overlapping, and contradictory understandings of both the idea of “evangelical” and “mainline”, and “conservative” and “liberal”.   I’m not going to offer a standing definition of each because 1) I hope in the near future to discuss my understanding of Evangelical history, and 2) I think definitions around terms like this are best centered around actual issues, which is what I hope these video will accomplish