Where I’ll be Going this Spring And Summer

1) In April I’m going (with the whole family) to the WALP (Worship-Arts-Liturgy-Preaching) Conference hosted by Emergent. As they say, it will be a “generative converasation about worship, art, ligurgy, and preaching among Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Mainline Protestant, Anabaptist, and Evangelical/Charismatic leaders, thinkers, and resourcers that will lead to more vital worship…”

2) Also, with Emergent, in May I’m going to the Emergent Convention in Nashville.

3) In July is the very exciting Ekklesia Conference called
No Other Gods:Keeping the Commandments in the Face of Empire” with
William Cavanaugh (Theopolitical Imagaination) and Sylvia Keesmaat (Colossians Remixed). It should be great. I’m looking forward to this the most.

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