Sighting (7/22)

Ibinocular-viewer-the-pier-st-petersburg-black-white was gone for the last week on a missions trip to Birmingham, AL (I had a great time with the youth, and had a very moving visit of the Civil Rights Institute).

Hear are some “far country” sightings that I’m catching up on:

Christena Cleveland reminds us of 5 ways to stay encouraged in our  “justice-related witness”.

From Missio Alliance (which is running a great series on Gender):

Listen to David Fitch talk about how the New Testament church is not about whether women should be “over” men or men “over” women.  It is about eliminating the “over” entirely.

Karina Kreminski, in “Relationships of Welcome, not Fear”, talks about the the 4 things ministry leaders can do to help build welcoming relationships bewteen men and women.

Ty Grigg discusses how he overcame the “Billy Graham” rules and learned to love like Jesus.    (this on garnered a lot of comments, add yours).


Tim Challies talks about the 7 different ways of reading a book (I generally fall into the pillaging and skimming).

And Derek Rishmawy ask if all sins are really equal.



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