Wake Up

Wake Up

Verse 1
Wake up from your sleep.
Lift up tired eyes.
Come forth from the grave.
Christ comes strong to save
The dead and the slaves

You are the Dawn rising over us.
You are strong, robed in radiance,
the morning Sun, casting out the night
The Risen One, our everlasting Light.

Verse 2
Long night, now has past
Let us break the fast
(the) Banquet now is spread
Come to the wine and the bread
Be, in His glory, fed.

The sun won’t set and the moon won’t wane
For the Glory of the Lord will remain
Our sorrows, tears, and the pain we bear
Will flee in the light of his reign.

Lyrics by Aaron Lindloff and Geoff Holsclaw
Music by Geoff Holsclaw

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