More than Splitting the Difference: Post-Christian

Here is the official beginning of our “More than Splitting the Difference” video series where I hope to press a bit deeper into the radical evangelical middle, exploring a prodigal kind of Christianity.  In order to push beyond the polarity of right and left, conservative and progressive, we must also push beyond the ambiguity of just wanting a “third way” and thinking through what this might look like, as immoderate as it might seem.  We have to do this in order not to fall into a  “best of both worlds” approach, or a “let’s just split the difference” mentality.

Also, what I say here as “POST-CHRISTIAN” should, although not identical, dovetail nicely with those who would like to focus on the influences of ‘post-colonial’ critiques of Western Christianity (liberation, feminist, black, etc.)
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Confession, I’m coming at this from a much more “evangelical” perspectives as on trying to get off the right-left continuum. But I think (or hope, believe) there are many from a more “mainline” perspective that similarly hope to jump the conservative-liberal polarity.  If that is you, please jump in and help round out the discussion, I know we would all benefit from it.

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  1. Good stuff bro, especially seeing post-Christendom as opportunity rather than tragedy/loss. Seems like a central tenet of the (neo) anabaptist way, and I’m glad to hear you flesh it out here.

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