Missio Alliance | The Kingdom of God- A Seedy Business

I love this explanation, so upsetting to those who heard it.

To update it, Jesus is saying: The kingdom of God is like dandelion seed, which, when someone took it and sowed it in their lawn….” In their lawn, dandelions! Mustard shrubs were viewed like weeds. A Jewish Mishnah, which is an explanation of the first five books of the Bible, forbids sowing mustard seeds in your garden because according to it, “they are useless, annoying weeds”. Nonetheless, ordinary people would grow them elsewhere as they provided a cheap spice and were used for medicinal purposes. The righteous and well-to-do however, would have been as put off by this analogy as we are by people who let dandelions go wild all over their lawns which then spread to our lawns, etc!


via Missio Alliance | The Kingdom of God- A Seedy Business.

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