Far Country Sightings (7/24)

binocular-viewer-the-pier-st-petersburg-black-whiteMust READ:
Christianity Today posts a reflection from a Mosul Christian enduring the resent upheaval.  CT has changed its logo to include the Arabic letter (n), used by ISIS to mark Christian homes in Iraq.

For some context on what is happening in Mosul: After 2000 Years the Last Christian is Forced to Leave Mosul. 

Also, praise God that Christian Meriam Ibrahim has Escaping Sudan with her life (and child).

Kurt Willems collects some great Resources for Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Today and Yesterday.


On a lighter note:

JR Woodward offers his Top Ten Books on Church Planting (and I’m excited that he has Prodigal Christianity on it).

Chris Morton points toward a Simple Tool for Practicing a Boring Spiritual Discipline.

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