Epiphany by like the birds


The world was waiting in the dark
Wisemen saw the shining star
Packed their bags and finest gifts
Traveled ‘cross the miles to find
A baby boy was stable-side
‘Could it be that He would come like this?’
Bowing low with gold and frankinscence
But did they know the One before them?

Went up to the mountaintop
Climbed so high that once we stopped
I could not remember what we were doing there
This has been a long a steady
Road, and I am good and ready
To take a load off of my feet
But just as I was drifting off to sleep
I saw a light so bright I could not speak

The miracles, the Holy Ghost, the Voice said “Listen to Him,
The Chosen One, He is my son” A King and His Kingdom coming.
Written and preformed by Tim and Lindsay Pflug of Like the Birds.

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  1. This song, for whatever reason, had a profound impact on me. I don't know what it is, but it connected. Thank you!

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