Missional Monday: 10 People Not To Have In A Church Plant…

Here is a list of 10 personality types that destroy all the energy of planning and planting churches (and even the energy of an existing church). The opposite to these are based in deep faith and relational maturity, something I’ll be posting on later (and if I was artistic I would made fun little drawings of the people).

So, the top 10 people not to have in a church plant…

1) Mr. Dream-Killer
“Come on, let’s be realistic!”
“Don’t you realize what facts are?”

2) Ms. Nay-Sayer
“That just doesn’t make sense.”
“That would never work.”

3) Ms. Air-Talker
(to no one in particular, to everyone in general)
“I really wish this meeting could start on time.”
-(translation: you are wasting my time and I don’t like it.)
“At least I did what I was supposed to do.”
-(translation: I’m the most responsible one here but no one appreciates me.)

4) Mr. Been-There (or Mrs. Done-That)
“We tried that once in the ’90s, but…”
“People used to always think that, but…”

5) Ms. Reminds Me Of
“Once when I was 12 I saw a cat and…”
(then 7 minutes later)
“Oh yeah, that was like the time when I…”

6) Mr. Pouter
(with arms folded)
“…oh just forget it!”
(looking out the window)
“… you just don’t understand.”

7) Mr. Doer
(squirming in his chair)
“Are we still talking about this?”
“Are we done here? Can we move on?”

8) Ms. US Weekly (or if a man, Mr. Gus-ip)
(after the meeting)
“Did you know that X said…?”
“Could you believe X when Y said Z?!? OMG!!!”

9) Mr. Stereo(type)
“You always say that!”
“You sound just like…”

10) Mr. Bulldozer
“That is all well and good, but I think…”
“Really? It is more that obvious that…”

So, who do you think is missing?