Jesus Walking on Water: Interpretation Needed

I love this rendition of Jesus walking on water. This piece is just begging to be interpreted.  I see several nuances, but most interested in how Jesus seems not to be looking at the boat.  And is that Peter? Are those even the disciples? Are is that just a yacht on a pleasure cruise that Jesus is totally ignoring? Thoughts? David Mach
Piece: Jesus Walking on Water
Exhibit: Precious Light



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  1. I’ve often thought about the story of Jesus walking on the water, particularly when I have dreams of doing the same.  The last time we read the scripture I was struck by how the wind was mentioned. The wind in the story was causing the disciples a lot of problems with following Jesus’ instructions to go to the other side of the lake. And it was when Peter saw the wind that he began to sink. But I began to wonder if it wasn’t the wind that was enabling Peter to walk on the water. On windy days I feel like I can get blown over. I imagined what it must be like on a windy day in Palestine wearing long robes which catch the wind even more because they’re soaked with water. Would I have been pushed around like a kite? Or trying to hold down my skirt for decency sake would I have been buoyed up like a parachute? I began to wonder if the message of faith is about trusting, and leaning into the troubles that would blow us over, so as to  walk on water.

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