for the time being

well, june is here. I have so much that I want to write about, but so little time to do it. Besides preaching twice at my church, going on a week long vacation, a good friends wedding, and preparing to speak at a week long youth retreat, I’m still trying to find time to hangout with my 11 month old son Soren (who is sitting next to me while I type) and time to spend with my wife.

So, while I want to write about 1)Doubt as true faith, 2) why the Emerging Church looks suspiciously like global capitalism, 3) why evangelicals don’t really believe in preaching even though they claim to believe in Scripture, 4) the “time” rather than the “space” of cultural engagement, and many other topics, I will probably not get to any of these until July, which is when summer really starts for me.

So, while i’m not signing off for a month, it will be blog-lite as my brain power is diverted offline for these various projects. peace be with you.

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