coming home to my new blog

I’m coming home to WordPress for the first time.  I finally moved out of my blogspot location, having blogged off and on there since 2003.   But I decided to keep the same name, “for the time being.”

When I originally decided to start blogging I was visiting a friend on an Indian Reservation in Zuni, MN, who had a book on the coffee table by Annie Dillard titled For The Time Being, and I thought it would be the perfect name to express the provisional nature of thought, that all things are passing, that nothing should be held too tightly (or just about nothing). So for me, as a missional/emergent/wishing-to-be-more-and-more-radical pastor and theologian, striving to participate in the mystery of Christ in the world for the world, to claim that these thoughts are “for the time being” seemed most appropriate, contextualized for a post-christian, post-modern, post-industrial, blah, blah, blah…world.

Beyond that, the title contains the words “time” and “being” which triggers all sorts of philosophical associations in me, beginning principally with Martin Heidegger’s epic Being and Time, which was very influential in my philosophical journey, even if I have now moved significantly beyond it (if that is possible…).  But more broadly, the questions of metaphysics, of temporality, of the materiality of both, and how it all interacts in the revelation of Christ and our lives are all themes.

So this is my new blogging home, and so far I quite like it.  I’m sure I’ll be tinkering around more, adding features and such, but hopefully it is the content more than merely the form that draws us along as we are drawn along by the Spirit in this world, which is all we have for the time being.

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