Book of Revelation = The Revelation of Jesus

victory_of_light The book of Revelation is nothing less than the Revelation of Jesus, the Lamb that was Slain but Raised Again. 

The lesser things it is NOT primarily about:

  1. The of the end of the world.
  2. The identity of the anti-christ.
  3. The timeline of  saints departure.

Hear this from Eugene Peterson, commenting on Rev. 22: 8-9, where John falls down to worship the angel and is rebuked:

The way St. John’s Book of Revelation has been treated by many of his readers is similar to the way he himself treated the revealing angel, but without the promptly heeded angelic rebuke.  It is difficult to worship God instead of his messengers.  And so people get interested in everything in this book except God, losing themselves in symbolhunting, intrigue with numbers, speculating with frenzied imagination on times and seasons, despite Jesus’ severe stricture against it (Acts 1:7).  The number of intelligent and devout people prostrate before the angel, deaf to his rebuke, is depressing and inexcusable.  For nothing is more explicit in this book than that it is about God.  It is the revelation of Jesus Christ, not the end of the world, not the identity of the antichrist, not the timetable of history. (Reversed Thunder, 187)

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