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I am a native Californian who now calls Chicago home.  I’m wonderfully married to Cyd and have two boys, Soren and Tennyson.  I serve as a co-pastor at Life on the Vine, along my wife, and Ty Grigg.  I co-authored, Prodigal Christianity, with David Fitch, and recently I’ve become affiliate professor of theology at Northern Seminary.  You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

This blog collects the thoughts I have on the missional church, theology and philosophy, politics and culture.  I admit I’m all over the place but hopefully you’ll find some of it interesting and helpful.  My goal is that everything here would make theology and mission accessible for everyone.

Also, we’ve been very blessed to gather many skilled musicians here at Life on the Vine, and so I’ve had the pleasure of working with them to produce some original music, some based off older hymns, and others based all within our community.  You’ll find those below via soundcloud.


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  1. Geoffrey having just read your insightful article in Telos Fall 2012 I’m prompted to point you towards other stuff going on in terms of thinking the relation between politics and the political. Without wishing so sound like a tacky self-promoter I think you would find my Design as Politics of interest (Berg NY, 2011).
    Regards, Tony Fry (Brisbane).

  2. Hey Geoff, I’m trying to stay off twitter and facebook for Lent and I couldn’t find an email address for you at Northern Seminary. I live near Alexandria and I would really like to help create a way for people with limited means to stay with hosts in the area for free instead of drop $100/night for a hotel at Missio Alliance. I could host several people at my house for instance. If you already have something like this in place, I would like to support it. Otherwise, I could get in touch with some of my fellow Methodist pastors from the area and we could probably find hospitality for a good number of people coming. It would be good kingdom-building and cross-fertilization for us to break bread in our homes with the people coming to this conference. So let me know if I can be helpful. I’ll try sending this to your facebook too.

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